Dave Inder Comar

Managing Partner & Legal Director

Licensed to practice before the California and New York bars, Dave Inder Comar has been at the vanguard of legal innovation in both the corporate and human rights spaces for over a decade. 

Well-known company founders, venture capital groups and private investors depend on Comar as an advisor to help them navigate the brave new world of 21st century business practice.  Acting with creativity, dedication, integrity, and zen are the hallmarks of Comar's approach in acting as an advisor and counselor to private companies.

Over the course of his career, and in conjunction with the team at Comar Mollé, Comar has closed hundreds of millions of dollars in private investment deals, defended and won lawsuits on behalf of his clients in state and federal court, devised and innovated investment fund structures to capture the complexities raised by new types of technologies or to maximize social impact, and acted as a peacemaker for dozens of founders and private companies facing the prospect of unnecessary and protracted legal wars.  

In addition, Comar is a recognized expert in international human rights law. In 2017, he established Just Atonement Inc., a legal human rights non-profit, which is supported and sustained by Comar Mollé LLP, and a good example of Comar’s approach in creating hybrid for-profit / non-profit models that maximize impact.

Comar has lived and worked in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Romania, and India and speaks German and Spanish.

Degrees: Stanford University (BA, MA); New York University (JD)

Past affiliations: Latham & Watkins LLP

Admissions: California and New York

Concentrations: securities, venture, corporate governance, information management and litigation, problem solving and dispute resolution 

Contact: inder@comarmolle.com